JUNE 11 - 15

The youth of our parish will be spending a few days immersed in the lives of the people in Immokalee. They will be working in the fields picking fruits and vegetables, preparing food in the soup kitchen, handing out clothing and helping with childcare at Guadalupe Social Services. To start their day, they will attend Mass in the morning, followed by talks, praise and worship with Adoration of the Eucharist in the evening.

This Mission work should be a life changing experience for our young people, giving them a new appreciation and respect for the lives they have and for the church they serve.

If you know of soomeone who might like to attend, please contact:

Theresa Barbale at 239-776-5489 or e-mail: theresa@stpeternaples.com.

Please help to make this Mission possible for our young people! The total cost for each person is $150. If you would like to help, you may make a secure donation at: