The Sacrament of Marriage


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Marriage Preparation

Couples wishing to marry must meet with a priest before setting a date at least six months in advance of an anticipated wedding in order to complete the preparation process.  For residents of Collier County, one member of the engaged couple must already be a registered parishioner at St. Peter's for a least six months before the couple can request to be married here.  If the couple is not local but wish to marry at St. Peter's, they must have the permission of both their pastor and the pastor of St. Peter's, and should complete their marriage preparation in their parish of origin. 

The purpose of the preliminary interview with a priest is to be able to get to know the couple and to explain what is expected from them as they prepare for marriage.  Please do not arrange for the reception, etc., until the date and time is confirmed with the Church.

The Focus Program

Each couple will be expected to take a Focus Questionnaire. This is a tool to help the couple see how compatible they are in the areas of communications, extended family, role differentiation, religion, children,sexuality, etc. The Focus Program provides each couple with a with a deep insight into their relationship.

Marriage Preparation Course 

Every couple is required to attend an Engaged Encounter or Pre-Cana Conference sponsored by our Diocesan Family Life Office. The purpose of this retreat is to explore the various spiritual and practical aspects of marriage, encouraging couples to deepen and enhance their communications skills. Registration applications will be provided to you at your meeting with the Priest. These programs fill up fast and should if possible, be completed 6 months to a year before your wedding.

Required Documents

A list of the required documents will be provided. Please contact Nancy Spolsino at the parish office - 774-3337 - for more information.

There is a wedding fee.




 To make an appointment with one of the priests to discuss marriage preparation, please contact:

Nancy Spolsino at 239-774-3337